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The /momo coming soon page was made~ I want to make coming soon pages for all the shrines so if you could please give me a site title if you have one already along with the character you're doing, I'll make one. It's okay if you don't have a title yet cos I'll just put the character pic up and whatnot. :)

I'll be linking everything from soulmilk until your site is ready to be launched and I'll make a soulmilk.org redirecter to your URL if you'd like.

I still have to fix up my ichigo shrine with images on the gallery, etc. :x

PS: What sites were hosted on soulmilk???

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Nobody posts here anymore...o_o

I do hope you guys are still continuing with the Bleach manga though because latest chapter 195 totally owned! ;D
I know I say that about almost all the chapters, but I really seriously mean it for this one!

Hint: Old characters are back in action ^_~

Intro Music

The new[but not so new] intro music to the later episodes of Bleach is like.. SO cool. Does anyone know what it's called or know where I can get a copy of it cos its so cooooool~~ I love the new intro.

*cough*Ichigo's hot*cough*

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Hey everyone!
I haven't posted here often, and the journal is going kind of slow, so I thought I might annoy you all with my little post^^
So anyways, since this is a Bleach journal, I was thinking maybe we can actually talk about Bleach instead of just post stuff about the sites. :p

Has anyone here read the latest Bleach chapters? I'm dying to share theories about the latest story arc and go on a Bleach fangirl rampage (Ishida <33), but it seems nobody has kept up with the comic lately... T_T *kicks everyone to go read*
Oh! Beware of spoilers within the comments everyone!

On a concluding note, I hope everyone's life is going well^^


Heya guys!

Two reasons i'm making this post! Firstly I'm in need of screenshots for Candy! I had to delete most of my raws so the only ending themes I am able to get are: 26,27,28 [because I got those chihiro subbed which means no subtitles]. I have to get subs because my younger brother also watches Bleach and because for some reason the bittorent for saiyaman isn't working for me. :/ Plus I don't have any HDD space [i'm two weeks behind on the anime now] so I've had to start collecting RM files which arn't very good quality for screenshots. @.@;;

If anyone could contribute some screens, particularly the ending ones, then it would be muchly appricated. There doesn't have to be very many, and you can leave thumnailing up to me. And of course full credit will be given! ^^

Secondly, me and Janice will soon be starting up the soulmilk fanart project at art.soulmilk.org. If anyone has any contributions [their own work, their friends work, artists they know if, etc.] then comment here or contact either Janice or myself.

That's all, hope everyone's well. <3


can we put this artwork on the fan art directory??

Also - what do you guys think about putting fanlistings onto soulmilk? like.. if anyone has a bleach fanlisting here if they want to include a link to it on the collective, you can? when i make a new finalised layout, i can put a section for shrines, fanlistings, and etc.? does that make sense?

start the chase!

BLOODLUST search and destroy

...my Zaraki shrine. Yes it was a lot of work, in particular the chapter notes which took about three weeks to do. I'd like to actually revamp some of the information (already) because i've already thought of stuff i've missed, and I seem to be repeating stuff throughout the different sections. Plus I think I should make it smaller (and more concise). Some of the pages are just...too long (especially for a frames layout >.>;). But that will have to wait i'm afraid! Every section save a few relationship pages are done, I was going to complete it entirely but i'm too tired now so bleh.

Affiliation anyone? And Nellypoo you can now add me to Soul Milk. <3

shrine directory

Just curious, is there a Bleach Shrine directory already existing, even though there aren't that many shrines around? If not, would it be a stupid idea to include one on soulmilk/soul society?

also, what are we going to call ourselves now that soulmilk.org is somewhat alive? soulmilk or soul society?

and! *annoys* are we going to link the shrines altogether somehow to soulmilk.org? if so - how? button or just some text like 'part of soulmilk/soul society'?

*bugs you all*